Better Late then Never...

Posted by William Larsen on January 27, 2012 at 2:40 PM

Hey Everyone,

I would like to apologize for not writing these blogs for sooooo long! We have all been really busy and have some GREAT news to share. So, here is what we have been doing for the last few months...

Fall Dinghy PCC's at Santa Barbara:

This was a big regatta for us because it determines "picks" for spring. For all you non-collegiate sailors, picks determine where we can go. Our final score for the event determines what schools get to pick before or after us. If you are first you get your first pick of all the events, last place gets last place. Fall dinghy PCC's determines 3 division, (CFJ, CFJ, Laser) and coed picks.

After two long hot days with little to no wind we ended up 10th out of 21 teams. This was score included our laser results and for picks we scored around 7th in coed 2 division (CFJ only). The waves were slow rollers and some people were feeling sick! This was the last big event of Fall Quarter and showed us that we definetly need to keep working hard if we want to go to nationals again!

Rose Bowl Regatta at Long Beach:

The Rose Bowl Regatta was the first intersectional of our winter quarter. This was a huge event with 29  college teams and 60 high school teams! We sailed off the belomnt pier in Long Beach and faced medium to light winds. We were coming off a long winter break and we held our own. We ended up 15th out of 29 but Sophmore Skipper Colin Kincaid managed to get some top 5 finishes in A fleet against many of those big name sailing schools.

Rainbow Regatta at Hawaii:

Four Anteaters went to Hawaii this past weekend to sail against 13 teams, including a school from Japan, in the Rainbow regatta. Junior, William Larsen Skippered A Fleet with Senior Colin Averill as a crew while Freshmen Nick Weis sailed with our Irish foreign exchange student Sharon Quigley. The Anteaters left on Thursday Night and spent friday getting used to the time change and seeing the sights of Hawaii!

Saturday sharon had a minor medical emergency and could not sail all of Saturday. The Hawaii team let Nick borrow one of their crews so we could sail the event. After the Saturday we ended up right smack in the middle in 7th place. 

For those of you who have never sailed at Sand Island, Hawaii the conditions are extremely tough. It is very shifty in both direction and strength of wind. This makes tactics fairly hard and the local Hawaii sailors had a huge advantage. The wind comes over the island and it can go from 10kts to 3kts in seconds.

Sunday, Sharon Quigley was feeling much better and sailed with Nick. Having someone he had sailed with definitely made a differnece for Nick because he eneded Sunday with a Bullet (1st Place) in B fleet! At the end of Sunday we were still in 7th place overall.

Overall it was a great event and we would like to thank Andy Johnson for letting us stay in his guest house!

Last but definitely not least!

Thanks to Joyce Ibbetson and our Director of Club sports we have a new CFJ! The new CFJ comes with a new set of race sails, new rudder, and tiller, mast, boom, and a new hull! I am very excited about this boat this weekend will be its first time in the water!

Our funding largely depends on donations, and all of YOU helped us by this boat! We had a little bit left over from our fundraiser from last year and that little bit helped us get the boat!

My personal goal is raise enough money for one more boat this year. I would also like to purchase covers for our boats, especially the new ones! A full list of items me would like can be found on the "How to Help" tab at the top of the page!

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