Women's PCC Champs

Posted by Anteater Sailing Team on April 10, 2014 at 9:55 AM

This past weekend, April 5-6, the Anteaters sent a mighty team

of four to Women's PCCs in Santa Barbara. The team rose bright and early in

Irvine Saturday morning by 0600 and was out in the Santa Barbara sun (fun

fact: same sun as in Irvine) and on the water by 1030. The A team then

promptly sat on that water until 1200 while the wind took its sweet time

settling in. The teams got to sail fresh new boats with brand new sails and

did rotations off ribs (rigid-inflatable boats). Now, before we get into

the scores I should warn you, because one of our more experienced female

skippers could not attend, our usually-JV skippers got bumped up into

varsity for this regatta! The competition was tough, but we sailed our best

and learned lots (such as always approach the rotation rib from leeward to

avoid decapitating passengers with your boom).


Bridget and Kathryn sailed A; Ellen and Deanne sailed B. Twelve

teams competed in total, and our Ant-ladies most commonly came in at 9th

place, and scored 10th overall, closely trailing UC San Diego. Two fun

abnormalities colored the weekend: a turtle and a bullet. The former

occurred as the B team was out on the water between races and a sundowner

approached unannounced from the East. Ellen and her crew were caught off

guard and capsized, as did some other boats in the fleet. The struggle to

return the boat to its upright condition was treacherous, and a pinnie was

lost in the battle. It will be missed.


About midday Sunday, team A was setting up for a start much

like any other. The start was good and the wind was reasonable; everything

seemed about normal until Bridget and Kathryn looked around and exclaimed

to each other, "My golly, are we in 3rd right now?" as they neared the

windward mark. Exciting it was indeed, but not too exciting, as the race

was young and they were sure they would fall back some by the end. But

alas, as they found themselves approaching the windward mark for a second

and final time, something beautiful happened: "...Did Stanford just tack in

behind us?" By some magical force of the gods, they were actually in first

place with just one leg to go.


And so began the most suspenseful downwind leg of Bridget's and

Kathryn's sailing careers: half their minds on holding the wing-on-wing as

perfectly as possible, the other halves keeping constant tabs on the

closely trailing Stanford and Hawaii teams. The teams approached the finish

line and turned their attentions expectantly to the committee boat,

listening for the whistle that would end the suspense...and off it


Bridget excitedly uttered obscenities in disbelief and many a high-five was



So, all in all, a very good weekend filled with lots of

practice and some fun surprises. Thanks for reading! Check in next week to

hear of the Anteater adventures in Long Beach!

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