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South 5 @ Santa Barbara

Posted by Anteater Sailing Team on April 5, 2013 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

To kick off spring break, the Anteater Sailing team went to South 5 in the always-sunny city of Santa Barbara. The team consisted of Will, Brian, Kate, Finn, Sam, Nick, James, Austin, Bridget, and Daniel.

Saturday started off with very light wind. That was a surprise considering last time the anteaters were in Santa Barbara it was super windy. Thankfully the wind picked up by the end of the day and by Sunday everyone was getting some great races off. Nick and Sam sailed together creating an unexpected dynamic duo that tried their hardest to knock out the competition. Brian and Kate also sailed together, using their vast sailing knowledge to keep ahead of the pack. Also Bridget got to skipper with Daniel as crew, both gained some valuable racing experience. Austin also made a guest appearance and sailed after patiently waiting for his chance to pounce throughout the weekend.

The Anteaters ended up 11th out of 26 teams. Great Job Eaters! ZOT ZOT ZOT !

FAST Issue no. 1

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Awesome summary of the 2012 Fall Season. Thanks FAST!!


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Calling all alumni! Alumni regatta will be May 4-5, 2013. More info and RSVP:

McIntyre Team Race

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The 2013 Jeremy McIntyre Regatta, hosted by the Stanford sailing team, was a great venue for team racing development. The team consisted of skippers Brian Hoover, Sam Heller, and Nick Weis and crews Kate Andersen, Finn Sheehan, and William Larsen. Saturday started off with light wind 0-3 knots from the southeast and steadily built to around 10 knots from the northwest. One round robin was completed with UCI winning four out of the nine races in which they competed. The racing was very competitive as the finishes were very close through out the day. The team finished the day on a high note, winning the first race of the second round robin against Northwestern.


On Sunday the wind conditions were very close to those on Saturday. The experience from the previous day helped the team to win five of the nine races of the second round robin. UCI finished 6th overall with nine wins and nine losses, and tied for 5th with Cal Maritime Academy. Stanford won the regatta, followed by the University of Hawaii, the University of Washington, and UCSD. Thank you to the Stanford sailing team and all of the judges and other volunteers who made this event possible.

South 3/4

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This weekend the Anteater Sailing Team hosted South 3/4 at the beautiful Newport Harbor Yacht Club. Saturday saw four UCI boats out on the water, with Varsity led by skippers Brian Hoover and Sam Heller and JV by Nick Weis and Ellen Suder. The steady breeze and bright sun watched over our Varsity teams as they finished 6th overall.


While Saturday's pleasant weather is more common to our home port, Sunday showed wind isn't just a thing of the north. With an average wind speed of 23 knots, and gusts up to 30, races were postponed in hopes of the wind calming. By noon, the wind had relaxed to an acceptable 20 knots, and boats were launched. Because of the high wind and expected capsize rate, Sunday was an all-Varsity regatta. Our fleet was led by skippers Brian Hoover and Nick Weis, who took charge and fought the wind to a 5th place finish, all while keeping the boats upright and dry.


As the hosting team, we were responsible for conducting races, ferrying competitors to a moored dock close to the race course for easy boat exchanges, and mark sets. Saturday was uneventful, but Sunday saw competitors and spectators alike donning foul weather gear in preparation for the bumpy ferry ride, guarding backpacks and towels from the spray and swells cresting the bow.


With the quarter quickly coming to an end, we only have South 5 left in the series. Before that, though, UCI is sailing Catalina 37's in the Port of LA Harbor Cup March 8 - 10. Rip 'em Eaters! ZOT ZOT ZOT

South 1/2

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This weekend the UC Irvine Sailing Team headed down to San Diego for the Jeff Simon Memorial South ½ Regatta out of Mission Bay Yacht Club. 10 sailors loaded up in cars Saturday morning in some dreary, rainy weather, only to drive a couple hours to find no wind. Saturday we had our varsity team consisting of Nick Weis skippering for Finnian Sheehan in A fleet, with Team HELLER in B fleet with Sam Heller as skipper for crew James Heller. Our second team was our ladies team, Kate Andersen skippering for Kathryn Benight in A, with Ellen Suder and Bridget Steiner in B. It was a little rough racing in such tough, light conditions, finishing the day with varsity in 8th place overall, the ladies taking 12th.

Sunday morning we awoke to much better breeze, and some switch ups in the team line-ups. With had both our sophomore boys skippering in A (Sam and Nick), switching throughout the day between who was representing our varsity and JV team. Brian Hoover took over varsity B with crew Kate, and Bridget and Ellen continued in JV B. It was a weekend of learning with lots of our new sailors on the water, and also some great races! Sunday resulted with varsity in 6th place, and JV in 13th overall.

Sailing wasn’t the only focus of this weekend, as our President William Larsen was ecstatic to take home a John Wayne Cancer Foundation gift basket from the raffle hosted by UCSD to support a great cause and donating to Critical Mass: The Young Adult Cancer Alliance. Sophomore Kathryn is healthy and one organ lighter after having her appendix removed Sunday evening after an adventure to the hospital in San Diego.

A big thank you to the UCSD Sailing Team for hosting an excellent event, and housing the entire UCI Sailing Team Saturday night! Next up – Bryson’s Women’s Regatta in a couple weeks at Stanford! ZOT ZOT ZOT.

Winter Quarter Update!

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Hello everyone,

I know we are really overdue for an update, but we have been really busy with some really cool stuff this quarter. So, here is a long overdue update on the teams recent exploits!



Rose Bowl


We started out our quarter with the Rose Bowl Intersectional Regatta in Long Beach. This was a huge regatta with 60 high schools teams and thirty college teams from all around the country. Saturday was light in the morning, but steadily built to a solid ten knots by the time 1:00 came around. Senior Brian Hoover, with crew Kate Andersen, went out and had some solid races throughout the day in A fleet. Sophomore Sam Heller, started in B fleet with Sophomore Kathryn Benight. As the day progressed Sophomore Nick Weis hopped in for Heller and finished the day in B fleet.

Sunday, we had a bit of drizzle in the morning, which had died off by first start leaving us with sunny Southern California skies. Senior William Larsen started the day sailing A fleet with Benight. The wind started out light, but quickly built to 13 knots. There were some big 90 degree shifts that made some of the races fairly interesting. Sam Heller started in B with Kate Andersen on Sunday. While the wind was very different from the usual Newport breeze, the Anteaters persevered and finished the day in 21st out of 30 teams.

This was a big warm up regatta and made the Anteaters realize that the competition in PCCSC was going to be much tougher. We would like to thank all of the alumni that came down to support us on the pier! Thanks, Jack Porter, Martha Davis, and Colin Averill!


Results can be found here.



Rainbow Regatta


This past weekend five Anteaters traveled to Hawaii to compete against schools throughout the country at the PJ Wenner Rainbow Invite. The wind was extremely frustrating with 30 degree shifts every race. The wind would also fluctuate between 15 and 0 knots. There were teams from all over the country including, a Japanese team, Sale Regina, University of Washington and a slew of teams from California.

Senior William Larsen started in A fleet with crew Daniel Diaz. Sam Heller started in B fleet withdrew Kate Andersen. After the first two races Nick Weis hopped into A fleet with Diaz. As the wind built Larsen hopped in to crew for Weis. After racing on Saturday Mr. Wenner, made dinner for all of the sailors.

Sunday started the same as Saturday with Weis starting in A fleet with Diaz. As the wind built Larsen went in for Diaz so that we could keep the boat a little flatter. The Anteaters finished 8th out of 13. Although, there were a few teams ahead of us most of those were duplicate teams, Salve had two teams sailing and Hawaii had three. So only four schools finished ahead of us: University of Washington (by only 5 points) CSULB, Hawaii, and Salve Regina.


We would give a huge thanks to our hosts, Fizz, Fuzz, and Leslie for letting us stay in their house for the weekend. The Wenner family also deserves a round of applause for cooking for us on Saturday afternoon. Finally, we would like to thank the Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation for their generous grant! Zot! Zot! Zot!


Results can be found here.



In Other News


The team recently bought new tillers for all of their boats! We received the tillers on Wednesday and are extremely excited to start practicing with them!


We are also in the process of organizing an Alumni regatta for the end of April. We will get a date out to you by the end of next week. So get ready for some awesome J-22 racing!


PCCSC Sloops Match Racing Championships

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Since the beginning of the year, the UCI Match Racing Team has been practicing endless dialups, perfecting their time distance, and practicing flawless boat handling to prepare for the PCCSC Match Race Sloop Championships. The team, consisting of skipper Brian Hoover (’13), Jib trimmer Colin Kincaid (’14), and bow-woman Ashley Hobson (’13), felt they had some unfinished business after finishing 3rd at the 2011 Match Race Championships hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club last fall. With the help of alumni and members of the current dinghy team, the trio felt confident about their match racing after a few weeks of practicing.

On Saturday morning, seven teams showed up at Balboa Yacht Club ready to compete. After weigh-ins and a skippers meeting, the fleet of UCI J/22’s left the dock on a tow out to the ocean. Race committee set up a course between the piers off the Balboa Peninsula, but the wind did not cooperate. Unfortunately, the Santa Ana winds were in full effect and stopped any sort of sea breeze from forming. The UCI team spent the whole day drifting at sea waiting for any sort of breeze to fill in to start some racing. Eventually race committee gave up on the waiting game and called racing for the day.

Sunday forecasts seemed even worse and called for more variable winds then the day before - which left the team somewhat hopeless on the last day. With a new rotation format, the racing was postponed onshore until wind was spotted around 11:30am. The first flight began with UCI racing UCSD in match 3. UCI controlled the whole starting sequence, and lead the whole race to beat UCSD. The second flight began as the wind slowly shut off, and racing was postponed before the second match was able to start. The waiting game began again, this time more stressful as the teams new there was still a lot of racing to get done before a winner could be chosen to represent PCCSC at the ICSA Match Race Nationals. Race Committee set 3:00pm as the cutoff time for not being able to complete enough flights, and when the wind refused to fill in, the boats began towing in back to the club.

Race Committee and the PCCSC representative announced that resumes need to be submitted from each skipper to choose a qualified team to send to nationals – stay tuned for the announcement of the winning team on Friday afternoon (Nov. 2nd.)

Big thanks to the UCI team for hosting the regatta – as well as help from all members of BYC, especially John Papadopoulos (PRO) and Becky Lenhart (BYC Race Director), UCI seafront director Joyce Ibbetson, and UCI sailing team president Will Larsen. Also, thank you to Alumni, Payson Infelise, for coaching and practicing endless starts with the team throuhgout the past few weeks.

Women's Fall PCCs

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This weekend, our women’s team competed in Women’s PCCs at Belmont Pier in Long Beach. Kate skippered for Kathryn in A fleet, while Ellen skippered for Bridget in B fleet. It was Bridget and Ellen’s first official regatta this weekend and they did great for never having raced before!

Saturday was an intense day of sailing for the girls. They sailed 8 races with no rotations for a grand total of six-plus hours on the water. The wind started off very light with strong current, but started to pick up after the fourth and fifth races. Ellen and Bridget managed to beat a couple of boats in some races, which is very admirable considering their inexperience! In addition, Kate and Kathryn got better throughout the day, winning first place in race number six. A big thank you to Will for coming out to cheer and coach the team on Saturday! Despite the dreary overcast weather and atmosphere, he stayed positive and encouraging throughout the races, helping boost team morale and spirit.

The team sailed four races on Sunday. The weather was a lot nicer—there was more breeze at the start of the races and it continued to build slightly throughout the day. After being overcast the whole weekend, it finally cleared up and there was some sun and blue skies for the last few races. Overall, our Women’s team came in fifth, beating UC Santa Barbara by 20 points.

Come down for Sloops at Balboa Yacht Club this weekend, and of course…RIP ‘EM EATERS!!

PCCSC Men's Singlehanded Championship

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PCCSC Men’s Singlehanded Championship hosted by the USC sailing team and the US Sailing Center in Long Beach included two days of competitive racing by sailors from across the west coast and Hawaii. Nick Weis sailed the regatta along with sailors from Stanford, The University of Hawaii, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, and UCLA. A total of 12 boats competed at this event.

Saturday started off with overcast skies and light wind around 2-3 knots. Sailors managed to get around the course despite the poor conditions, the first race taking over an hour to complete. Racing continued until 5pm as the breeze steadily increased throughout the day. A total of 8 races were completed.

Sunday saw a bit better conditions starting with sunny skies and light wind around 5 knots. Another 4 races were completed, bringing the total to the desired 12. Nick finished 7th overall. Congrats to Oliver Toole from Stanford for winning the regatta! He will be representing PCCSC along with teammate Kieran Chung at the ICSA Men’s Singlehanded National Championship on November 3rd and 4th in Long Beach. Coming up next weekend is Sloop PCC’s hosted by the UCI Sailing team. Please come and support your fellow anteaters!!