FAST Issue no. 1

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Awesome summary of the 2012 Fall Season. Thanks FAST!!

Back To School

Posted by Anteater Sailing Team on January 6, 2011 at 3:07 PM Comments comments (0)

The first week of the quarter is already half way over, and the Anteaters have already begun to scrape off the barnacles that grew over winter break. The Anteaters have chosen a burgee and a logo to start off a great New Year! The team is looking forward to a very exciting winter and spring quarter. Here is a quick overview of the exciting events the Anteaters plan to go to:


January 8-9, Rose Bowl Regatta At USC

January 22-23, Peter Wenner Memorial Rainbow Invite Regatta at Hawaii

January 29-30, The Jeff Simon Memorial Regatta (South 1 and 2) at San Diego

February 12-13, North 1-2 at CSUMB

February 19-20, Charleston Coed at Charleston

February 19-20, Women’s Intersectional at USF

February 26-27, South 3-4 at UCI

March 5-6, Eckerd Intersectional at Eckerd

March 19-20, Frank Mendelblatt Team Race at USF/Eckerd

March 25-26, South 5/Designate at UCSB

April 2-3, St. Francis Invitational/North 5/Designate at Saint Francis Yacht Club

April 9-10, PCCSC Coed Dinghy Championships at USC

April 16-17 PCCSC Team Race Championships at Stanford

April 23-24 PCCSC Women’s Championships at Stanford


The Anteaters know that it is important to travel to as many races as possible to prepare for qualifiers, but after travelling all over the nation, there will be some major financial burdens to overcome. If you would like to make a donation to Anteater Sailing sto help us go to all these regattas please contact one of the officers listed on the officer’s page. We would like to thank everyone that has helped us so far and we wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Zot Zot!

Giving Thanks

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         The UCI team has gone through some hard times recently, but there a lot of things we are thankful for. We would like to gives thanks to all of our families and friends that provide the team with food and housing when we go to regattas.  It is people like you that allow us to safe money for flights and new equipment each year. We would like to thank all of our hard working alumni that have worked hard to keep us afloat and competitive. Especially, Danielle Richards who works tirelessly to help our team in every aspect. We would also like to thank Club Sports for helping and supporting us when athletics dropped our team as a varsity sport. The amount of energy they spend to help us is truly amazing. Finally we would like to thank Balboa Yacht Club and John Papadopoulos for helping run Sloop PCC's and we would also like to thank Newport Harbor Yacht Club for helping run The Anteater Regatta every year!

         All of these wonderful people and wonderful organizations are what keep our team running smoothly and operating at a competitive level! So, THANK YOU for all that you do, we appreciate it.

         The UCI sailing team has one more thing to be thankful for! Waterline Systems in Newport, Rhode Island shipped three of our six new J-22's! They arrived right before the holiday weekend and the team has been itching to take them out for sail! Pictures of them to come soon!