St. Francis Intersectional

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This weekend (March 29th and 30th) we sent a team to St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco to compete in the St. Francis Intersectional regatta. Sam skippered in Varsity A with Kathryn crewing while Nick skippered Varsity B with Kate. Both days of the regatta there was heavy current, around 4.5 knots flooding and ebbing. The first day of the regatta there was variable winds and heavy rain. A total of 8 races were run on Saturday with 4 in A and 4 in B. There was a 3-hour postponement due to no wind for the first set of the B races, but later the wind picked up again and B sailed their first set and then A sailed their second set. The wind shut off again for the B’s second set but was enough to get two more races in before the end of the day. 

Sunday there was much better weather (no rain!) and a lot more wind. There were a total of 5 races run for each rotation on Sunday. Both Varsity A and B teams ended with a total of 99 points each, with an overall score of 198 and 10th place out of 29 teams. It was a great racing weekend and beautiful venue. Full results can be seen here:


Harbor Cup

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McIntyre Team Race

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This past weekend (March 1st and 2nd) we sent our Varsity team to the McIntrye Team Race hosted by Stanford. Kate, Sam and Nick skippered with Mahmoud, Kathryn, and Deanne crewing.


Racing started right away Saturday morning because there was a good amount of wind. From there, racing continued at a fast pace almost the entire day. Rotations were back to back; our team was constantly on the water with little down time. Racing continued at this pace on Sunday as well. By the end of the weekend we had completed two round robins.


The wind was strong for most of the morning on both Saturday and Sunday but became more variant as the day went on. Changes in the wind speed caused a few races to be postponed and in one instance we were towed back to the dock mid-race when the wind completely died. Rain also came and went throughout the weekend.


The team had a lot of fun and the event was a definite learning experience. While we improved on our team racing skills throughout the weekend, there is still a lot of room for growth.

Cal Team Race

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This past weekend (March 1st and 2nd) we sent our JV Anteater team to compete

in Cal Team Race at Treasure Island. James, Ellen, and Bridget skippered

while Keith (first regatta!) and our lovely friends from UCSD, Alex and

Yuhui, crewed. The lot of us have had minimal team racing experience, so we

did our best to start well, sail fast, and roll with the punches--er, mark

traps. After each race we discussed what we could have done better to help

each other out or avoid being trapped by the other team.



Light rain came and went, but the wind was probably the

most interesting weather element. On Saturday it was notorious for coming

in then dying out--leaving us nearly drifting through the majority of one

race and postponing others. During another race the wind shifted over 100

degrees--we found ourselves on close haul towards our "downwind" mark! On

Sunday the wind was stronger and steadier, more of what we were expecting

from the Bay Area. None of us capsized, but one of us may be guilty of

converting our boat to a bathtub. Could we borrow a bailer?


Though in most races we got our boats handed to us, we

defeated UCSD's team by securing the 1,2 with our "sail fast" tactic,

despite the fact that we had the enemy crewing for us. Victory was fresh,

delicious, and short-lived (we didn't want to be greedy). Overall the

weekend was a fun learning experience--now let's see if we can get some

more boats on the water at practice to develop our team racing skills! Zot


South 3/4 Regatta

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Saturday February 22nd and Sunday the 23rd were the South 3 and 4 regattas, both hosted at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club.  On both days, sailors rotated off a floating dock in the harbor between races, providing an up-close (if crowded) view of every race when we weren’t sailing.The weather both days was pleasant, but Saturday was fairly light, with a postponement in the morning and at least one race abandoned when the wind died completely. Even so, each division managed five races, and our varsity teams placed eighth out of twenty-one teams.  South 4 on Sunday brought somewhat stronger and much more consistent wind, and both divisions got in six races.  Varsity placed ninth out of twenty teams.  Full scores for Saturday can be found here: and for Sunday here:



South 1/2 Regatta

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Rose Bowl Regatta

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Last weekend (Jan. 4 & 5) the UCI Sailing Team sent their Varsity team up to Long Beach for the 29th Annual Rose Bowl Regatta. Sam Heller skippered Varsity A with crew Kathryn Benight and Nick Weis skippered Varsity B with crew Kate Anderson. James Heller accompanied them on Saturday to cheer them on.

Saturday was an extremely light and boring day; Varsity A fleet sat on the water for about three hours until the first race started. Only three races were run that day, two A fleet and one B fleet race. On Sunday, race committee let the sailors hang out on the beach and pier until the wind filled in (only a little bit) around noon. The wind picked up for a bit while A fleet was sailing their second set, but then died when B fleet returned for their last set.

Picture of Saturday's racing wrapping up for the day. (Taken by Kathryn)

In the end, Varsity sailed a total of eight races A and B combined and we placed 23rd out of 26 teams. Full results and scores from the regatta can be found here:


PCC Fall Dinghy Champs

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This weekend (Nov. 16 & 17) the UCI Sailing Team went up to Santa Barbara to participate in PCC Fall Championships. We brought thirteen sailors to fill our Varisty A, B, and C fleets as well as one JV fleet. It was the first time we sailed our new boats, “3705” and “Lake Minetonka.”


Varsity A was sailed by skipper Sam Heller and crew Kathryn Benight, Varsity B was sailed by first-time Varsity skipper Kate Anderson and crew Paul Traverso, Varisty C was sailed by new skipper Bridget Steiner and crew Daniel Diaz. In JV, we had James Heller and Ellen Suder skippering A and B fleets, respectively, and crews Deanne Buckman, Hassan Bouholaigah, Shan Wu, Philip Tagatac, and Blake Terry rotating every race.


Saturday started and ended off a bit light, but in the middle of the day the wind filled in and we were able to get lot of races in. At the end of Saturday as James was sailing in with Hassan, the jib halyard snapped. Unfortunately, we were unable to replace it for the rest of the weekend. Since JV was unable to sail on Sunday they watched and cheered for our Varisty teams on the water.


In the end, Varsity fleet sailed a total of 12 races and JV sailed 6 races. Overall we placed 19th out of 21 teams in Varsity. Despite the not-so-great results, everyone had an awesome time and learned a lot in the process.

PCCSC Match Race Championship

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After months of anticipation and practice in the UCI J22's, Match Race qualifiers finally arrived this past weekend, hosted by CMA up in Vallejo. Skipper Sam Heller, middle man James Heller, and bow Kate Andersen headed up late Friday afternoon to the Bay Area, ready for some racing. One of the few schools with a crew of only 3 people, we felt confident in our boat handleing and ability to compete after a several practices and races with the help of many alumni.

After our Saturday morning weigh in, we were one of two teams be sitting out for the first few flights of the the round robin, as we had 6 J22s for 8 teams to compete in. We weren't complaining we watched the teams struggle to make it up the race course for over an hour, only 2 of 6 boats made it around the windward mark due to a heavy flood tide and lack of wind. There was a great amount of chearing when the races were finally called, and favorable conditions built throughout the day as the current shifted and wind improved. We completed 9 of the 10 flights of the first stage of the event, with record of 2 wins (against Cal and UCSD) and 4 losses (CSULB, USC, CMA, & Hawaii) at the end of Saturday. We went into Sunday in 6th place out of 8 teams, with Stanford our only challenger left. 

Enjoying our extra hour of sleep due to day light savings, we arrived ready and rested to take on the last race of the stage Sunday morning, that would most likely determine how we placed in the regatta. As anticipated, the previous morning's conditions were repeated, but we had already watched so many struggle that we had an idea of how to face the current and wind battle by overshooting lay lines by a mile and going into the starboard windward mark rounding with speed. About an hour of back and forth up wind against who was in the lead with us and Stanford, we barley made it to lay line ahead of our opponents to the final windward mark (after having rounded the leeward in 2nd), with an awesome kite set as we rounded to secure our lead, finishing just seconds before Stanford did. Since we weren't qualified to continue in the final four of the event, we were all very excited to end the regatta with a final win against the top team from our district, Stanford being the final regatta winners. We ended up finishing 5th place in the overall event out of 8, with a record of 3 wins and 4 losses, something we were all very happy with considering the strong competition we were going against. 

Contrats to Stanford, and good luck representing PCCSC at Match Race Nationals in Florida in a few weeks! Thanks to CMA for hosting, the Heller & Andersen families for hosting some anteaters, and all those awesome alumni (shout out to Payson Infelise and Brian Hoover!) who helped us get as far as we did in this event. Another big thanks to NHYC Sailing Foundation for their support in funding this event for the team!

Next week: ANTEATER REGATTA at NHYC! Come hang out with some high schoolers and run some races, and the following weekend we are sending 15 sailors up to Santa Barbara for Fall Champs! ZOT ZOT ZOT. 

Women's PCC's & Men's Single-handed Qualifiers

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This weekend (Oct. 26 & 27) was a double regatta weekend for the Anteaters hosted by USC/US Sailing Center, racing off of Belmont Pier in Long Beach. We had four ladies compete in Women's PCC's: Kate Andersen skippered for Kathryn Benight in A fleet, while Ellen Suder and Bridget Steiner each took a day of skippering and crewing in B fleet. Nick Weis represented UCI in the Men's Singlehanded qualifiers as well.

There were 9 teams in total for women's, and it was a strong group of girls racing from schools all over California. With a slow start to the breeze filling in each day, it was a true test of our light wind sailing and patience as we made it around the long race course. Saturday racing ended up with a 90 degree wind shift during the last set of races, changing everyone's game plan they had developed throughout the day for previous wind patterns. Sunday breeze didn't hold well until the final races, and in the end it was only a 7 race regatta for each fleet. Kate and Kathryn placed 5th in A fleet, while Ellen and Bridget placed 7th in B for an overall 6th place finish. Good job ladies!

Nick did was very consistent all weekend and placed 9th out of 15 boats, zot zot zot!!!

Next up, Sam, James, and Kate head up to Vallejo for Match Race PCC's hosted by CMA in J22's!!